Programmers, System Administrators ,MFC,VC++,ERP,SAP etc

Qualifications :

Candidates should posess a degree in
engineering and graduates with 2+ years
experience .

Experience :

Sybase ,Unix , C/C++
Cisco Routers
Unix System Administrators
Lotus Notes Developers/Administrators
Database Administrators
Gupta SQL Windows /centura
Powerbuilder 5.0 with PFC
Visual C++ with MFC ,OLE with MS SQL
Visual Basic 5.0 Active X , ASP
Java Scripts , VJ++ , C++,PERL , CGI with
Oracle Application Developers
Also AS/400, PRG/CObol/Synon

Contact(before 3rd or 4th Week of July) :

AVESTA Computer Services
One World Trade Center ,
Suite 2153,
New York ,
NY 10048

Email Resume fast to Avesta Computer Services

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