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First American Financial Services Private Limited

Human Resource Division

First American Financial Services Private Limited is a diversified consultancy company
providing business advisory service to multinationals and local companies in India.

The company comprises various divisions specializing in Finance, Banking , Marketing , and
Human Resource development functions. The consultants and associates have previously for either
large multinational corporations in India or large Indian companies and are knowledgeable of
the expectations and need of such corporations . This enables the company to advise on a wide
range of client needs using the best available talent.

First American Financial Services Private Limited has strategic alliances with several professional
firms that enable it to provide clients with legal,accounting,auditing and tax services.

The Human Resource Division provides clients with five distinct types of services.

Executive placement

Working closely with the client , the consultants assist in the structuring of the proposed
position within the organization . Once the position is adequately defined, the skill and experience
requirements are detailed.

Based on this information the consultants identify appropriate persons. This is done through
a combination of external advertising and an in house search of the company's data bank. The
identified candidates are interviewed by the consultants and where appropriate by First American's
senior management.

Only after they are satisfied that a candidate fully meets the client's requirements the consultants
prepare a short list for the client's review. Based on the client's input personal interviews are arranged
at a place of the client's choice.

By strictly following this rigorous pre-screening process, the client is relieved of the arduous and
time-consuming task of sorting through hundred's of resumes and interviewing a large number of
candidates. Instead , they are presented with a list of names from which the final selection is made
quickly and efficiently.

This highly structured approach enable First American to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Manpower Outsource

Working closely with client management , company consultants determine the specific human resource needs of the client . Once there is agreement on the type and number of persons required , the
resources of the company's Executive Search Organization are mobilized to identify and recruit the
required personnel.This integrated capability enables the company to provide the client with the most
efficient and cost effective sourcing process.

By assigning an Account Manager to each client the company ensures quality service and a
continuous link between the personnel provided and the management of the client.

With the help of its in-house legal and human resource expertise the company is able to
advise it's clients on the best way in which to source the personnel. This ensures that
the client is not burdened by local labor liabilities at a later date.

Where a client may need specialized advise on it's business needs , particularly in areas of
marketing and finance the company can provide the services of its senior consultants in these


From time to time companies are required to reduce their executive staff . Apart from the usual
financial payments they are finding that by assisting their employees find appropriate employment
, the overall process of separation becomes more efficient. it also improves the image of the company
in the marketplace as a humane and caring employer.

Achieving this effectively requires professional counselling , skill identification and placement.
Most companies do not have these capabilities in house.

First American does this independently by assisting ex-employees determine various employment options
,refine resumes and arrange interviews with potential employers . The person functions out of the
offices of the First American while they look for a new job. By having a desk,computer and telephone
access secratarial assistance and professional guidance the task of finding a new job becomes much

While no job guarantees are provided the ex-employee is able to overcome the debilitating effect of
losing a job in an organized and sensitive way.

Compensation Planning

Most Companies are not fully equipped to structure executive compensation in the most competitive
fashion. This is particularly true for multinational companies wanting to set up businesses in India.
By using experienced human resource specialists and tax consultants . First American can create custom
tailored compensation packages for both individuals as well as groups of executives.


The cost of permanent staff is increasing rapidly . When other infrastructural and utility costs are
factored in the expenses for non-core activities (such as payroll servicing and maintenance of
statutory accounts such as provident fund) is becoming non-economical for companies to undertake internally.Outsourcing these activities therefore becomes the obvious solution. To accomplish this
cost effectively First American offers a comprehensive capability to process all human resource
functions off premises.

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