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              Covered Area of 1800 sq ft with 3 large Bed Rooms and one large Drawing  Rooms , two Bathrooms and kitchen available on Rent from November 1998 onwards for 2 years on Company Lease Only.
            Available only for Foreigners working with U.N. and allied organizations or working in any MNC Company and posted  in Delhi and Noida . Accomodation is available in 1st Floor . Ground Floor occupied by Land-Lord with a small Family .
                            Also Provision for Car-Parking available.

For Further Details Contact :
                                         Mr P. Guha Biswas
                                  Sector 15 A,
                                  Noida - 201 301

Phone No # :  91-541162 , 91-541136

                                 Email P.Guha Biswas